Thursday, September 4, 2008

52% Homemade Romanian Liquor

So the highlight of the night again has to do with alcohol haha. A kid from my program named Paul from Romania brought out some family made liquor that was 52% alcohol and made from plums. It was actually really good. The best part about it was how he kept insisting to us that it was healthy for you. According to him "If you get sting by bee or wasp, and drink a bit of this, you will not die." He also kept insisting that if you drink enough it will make you sleepy. I hate to break it to you Paul, but I think if you drank enough of that you might just get sleepy enough to pass out for the night haha. On a good year he said that his family makes up to 4000 litres, on a bad year only about 300 litres. So even on a bad year, they produce enough for just under a litre a day. Not bad!

Not much else is new, I've been having to sit through a boring Italian class for 6 hours everyday. It's seriously excruciating, the teacher goes so slow and it's all stuff that I've seen in Italian 101. Plus when I have at least a half hour transit to a class that is already 6 hours a day, it put a serious dent in my time that could be spent seeing what Milan has to offer.

On another note, I finally tried Italian gelato today. Amazing! I had a sort of vanilla gelato that was swirled with cherry. The only ice cream I've had that's better is from Jeni's in Columbus. Gelataria's are pretty much everywhere in Milan, but they're nowhere near as common as a "Tobacchi". A "Tobacchi" is a cafe that is seriously on just about every corner and only sells espresso, cigarettes, and gum. I swear that Italians run on coffee and gum. You can't find regular coffee though, only espresso. I've heard that you can order an "americano" at some places, but all they would do is give you a double shot of espresso in a tall glass and fill the rest up with hot water. One thing I still need to try is a "caffe corretto" which literaly means "corrected coffee". The funny thing about it is that a "corrected coffee" is coffee mixed with whiskey. Yes, this is a common drink in Italy!

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Justin said...

I totally had romanian moonshine when I was in France! Our RA was romanian and she let us sample some of her secret stash when she came back from visiting her family. I think it was made from plums too, but I couldn't really tell because my mind was only registering the burn in my throat. I swear that it made you want to laugh because your throat felt like it was on fire.